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Motor Vehicle Inspections are $35.00

Regular inspections encourage vehicle safety by checking key equipment such as brakes and steering, so that critical maintenance issues may be addressed.

Mechanic’s responsibilities

Listed below are the parts of a vehicle that should be inspected by the mechanic during an inspection on a passenger vehicle:

1. The body, and seat belt assemblies
2. The windshield and windows
3. The horn
4. The windshield wipers
5. The rear-view mirror
6. The lighting systems
7. The exhaust system
8. The brake system
9. The steering system
10. The suspension system
11. The wheels and tires
12. The coupling system

Listed below are the areas of a vehicle that are inspected by a mechanic during an inspection on a Bus, Truck and/or Tractor Trailer vehicles:

1. Power Train
2. Suspension
3. Hydraulic Brakes
4. Air Brakes
5. Steering
6. Instruments and Auxiliary Equipment (i.e. Windshield wipers)
7. Lamps
8. Electric System
9. Body
10. Tire and Wheels
11. Couplers and Hitches

Fraudulent Stickers

Displaying a fraudulent or stolen inspection sticker is a violation of the Motor Vehicle Act, Section 250(4). An individual doing so would be subject to a fine of $292, and depending on the circumstances, police may lay additional charges under the Criminal Code of Canada related to theft or fraud, which would result in more serious penalties.

Rejection Stickers

The rejection sticker issued by garages extends the period of inspection to 14 days, but does not exempt the owner of the vehicle from equipment violations, such as faulty lights, during that period. The intent is to provide time to make repairs and have the vehicle re-inspected (at no extra cost).

The rejection sticker does not indicate the vehicle is safe, and does not exempt a driver from penalties if the vehicle is in a state of disrepair that jeopardizes safety.